Why you will love ThinOptics - ThinOptics


Our Optometrist and director has constantly heard from his clients who wear reading glasses that their biggest frustration is that they don’t have their reading glasses with them when they need them most, out at restaurant trying to read the menu, at the supermarket trying to read a price tag or the back of a bottle, or just simply reading a message on their mobile phone.

Now with ThinOptics- the age old problem of where are my glasses ? Is now addressed as your glasses are with you all the time as they sit neatly on the back of your mobile phone or on your Key Chain. Our product portfolio has something for everyone.

ThinOptics reading glasses are available at your local pharmacy.– Click here to Find our local Stockist. We have ThinOptics Stockists in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Tasmania and Perth.