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ThinOptics are reading glasses that can be stored in a wallet or on the back of your phone. Here is my review of ThinOptics as I travel to Maui. 

Tom Hardiman

Sunday afternoon with my “thin optics”reading glasses and my book…

Crystastic Jewels

If you like to read while laying on your side, but you need readers, these are the glasses for you! These are my first reading glasses – I started wearing my wife’s but I prefer to read while laying on my side – and any glasses with arms wouldn’t fit right when my head was on the pillow. Thin Optics removed the arms and instead they attach to your nose. I haven’t tried wearing these in public yet – but they are great for reading in bed – and they also make a great bookmark! The perfect gift for the reader in your life!

Authentic West Films

Mature Blogging/Vlogging May 9 2018 /ThinOptics


Brilliant idea – very useful – thoughtfully designed – high quality.

Gail Matthews on March 26, 2014

A life saver.

T. Zee on April 11, 2014

Wow…incredible product.

MM on April 6, 2014

This is one of the best purchases ever.

Scotty703 on July 23, 2014

Absolutely brilliant!

Marc Dangeard on March 22, 2014

Smart, very smart, reading glasses in an iPhone case

Janet Fouts on March 18, 2014

Great concept, great product!

Kara Kytle on March 24, 2014