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As we age, reading glasses often become a necessity to continue to enjoy reading or taking in a menu or instructions when travelling as our eyesight changes. Those of us coming late to wearing glasses for reading, contact lenses are not an option. Remembering to pick your glasses up when you go out for the day or evening is for the new user a chore. The case is clunky and self-conscious wearing remains an issue, even if you have the perfect pair of prescription glasses. Blurred vision or a vision problem remains as those spectacles remain at home.

There is a solution for the day out or being on holiday or taking a weekend break, times and places when you are frequently out and about have not picked up the prescription glasses to take out to the place where reading glasses are eventually going to be needed. The recently released ThinOptics reading glasses are the on hand solution. This pair of glasses are designed to prevent eye strain and assist your eyesight in whatever you need to read when away from home. A considered piece of eyewear this a pair of spectacles stripped down to the minimum, offering the wearer a pair of stylish reading glasses.


ThinOptics is the brand you need to be sure you are purchasing when choosing the perfect pair of ultra-slim and ultra-light spectacles. There are copies of these single vision glasses in the market, but ThinOptics remain the brand of glasses that reflects the statement of being the world’s lightest and thinnest pair of reading glasses. These eyeglasses offer a range of colour frame(s) to appeal to both men and women from the subtle to the loud, the wearer gets to choose! Of course you may wish to purchase a couple of pairs of these reading glasses to have in those places where you always forget, the car or our handy case attached to the back of your phone. Their light and extremely compact design will support your prescription glasses that your Optometrist has prescribed. ThinOptics are not designed to replace your prescription lenses, but you will find ThinOptics reading glasses available in your local  Optometrist as well your chemist and of course from us!

ThinOptics reading glasses are offered with the four different lens optical strength options for the wearer to choose:

+1.00 (Low), +1.50 (Low-Mid), +2.00 (Medium) and +2.50 (High).

The Low covers a range +0.75 to +1.25,

the low-mid covers a range of +1.25 to +1.75,

the medium covers a range of +1.75 to +2.25, and

the high covers a range of +2.25 to +2.75.

You will want to choose the option that most closely matches your needs.

However, since reading glasses are optimized for near vision distance reading usage, you will automatically adjust the reading distance between your eyes and the object you are reading. Since ThinOptics reading glasses cover optical strengths ranging between +1.00 to +2.75, nearly all people requiring reading glasses will find a ThinOptics reading glasses option that suits any age of user for when they are out and about, a great substitute to prescription eyeglasses. These thinoptics typically weigh less than 6 grammes, a nitinol wire bridge, the bridge width is comfortable, supplemented by a pair of stable and comfortable nose pads. These type of reading glass will fit the majority of face shapetypes.


To purchase your new pair of these ultra thin reading glasses online you need to;

Choose your optical strength

Select your frame colour

Select your preferred carry case

Enter your shipping address

And credit card details and

Press buy to place your order.

To view and purchase a new pair reading glasses online from our range of ThinOptics stylish reading glasses that are available today and to have that pair ready and typically delivered within the week, then have a look at our catalogue. We are committed to shipping your order of authentic thin optic reading glasses by the NEXT BUSINESS DAY. And for Australian customers there is free shipping on your order.