Where are my Reading Glasses? - ThinOptics



ThinOptics reading glasses were invented to address the age old problem of “Where are my Reading Glasses”. Our Optometrist and director has heard this time and time again from his clients for the past 23 yrs. Out at a restaurant reading a menu or at supermarket trying to read to a label or price tag and realise that I don’t have my glasses with me.

ThinOptics headline reading glasses ensure your glasses are with you all the time as they fit neatly on the back of your mobile phone , or on your key ring. Our two carry ways ensure your reading glasses are always within reach to ensure you can see what you need to read.

ThInOptics reading glasses sit neatly on 100% of noses without temples(arms that go over your ears ) the flex grip technology ensures they securely sit on your nose and don’t fall off. They are available in 4 powers +1.00, +1.50,  +2.00, +2.50. See the range here

Where to buy ThinOptics? They are available at numerous retail outlets including Dymocks Book stores, Berkelouw Books, Harry Hartogs, Optus Retail stores, Airports and Many Pharmacies including Priceline, Chempro Pharmacies, Wizard Pharmacies, Pharmacy 4 Less and many more. Please see our stockists page for your closest store.